TJ Biddle
Traveler. Lover of music. Activist. Human.
Rubyist. DevOps-er. Puppeteer. Hacker. Open-source supporter.

I believe life experiences are what make us all unique. In order to truly live we must all branch out, try new things, and make mistakes. Each of us are on this planet are given the same amount of time every day, but what we do with that time is what makes us who we are; the lives we touch, the actions we take, and the words we speak are all we have to make a mark on this world. I want to truly make my existence count.

I try to be the kind of person who does the things that people talk and think about, but don't take action on. There should never be something holding you back from what you want to do, so I strive to break down all barriers.

Hire me!
I am available for consulting and contract work. I specialize in DevOps and Ruby on Rails development. I'm here to find and remove your bottlenecks from development to deployment; some of which you may not even be aware of. Get in touch!